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This is Not What I Ordered: a podcast on full-hearted living with chronic illness + health challenges

Nov 26, 2018

Drew Althoff is a musician and songwriter, an aspiring middle school teacher, and a committed partner. Recently embarking on his journey with kidney disease, he’s learning how to integrate kidney failure into his life while finding unwavering support and joy through his relationship with his partner. Drew and I sit down for an intimate discussion on balancing the body and spirit and the impact illness has on couples, as well as how he channels his illness into creative energy through music and songwriting.

Breaking his journey down into distinctive eras, Drew shares his unique perspective on embracing “the shadow” and how your spirit can keep you balanced when you’re struggling. He shows candid vulnerability as he discusses his upcoming transplant, emphasizes the importance of community and relationships, and offers insight into how he humanizes his illness through humor.

Drew’s story of adjusting to a new life with chronic illness and learning to fight for happiness resonates throughout our discussion, and his steadfast determination to be authentic is moving. I hope you find this interview as moving as I did.

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