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This is Not What I Ordered: a podcast on full-hearted living with chronic illness + health challenges

Apr 23, 2018

Lanie Smith is the owner and founder of Integrative Art Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona, working with driven helping professionals whose success has come at the cost of their own health and well-being. After developing ulcerative colitis a few years ago, she has turned her attention toward supporting clients with a spiritual approach she calls “EcoArt Wellness,” which combines nature and the creative process to help people tune in as an antidote to burnout and chronic stress.

In this episode, Lanie discusses why she emphasizes essentialism and simplicity in her life, the importance of maintaining a strong connection with the outdoors, and staying in touch with her senses. She believes in sustainable self-care as a lifestyle to experience less stress, more ease, and natural creative flow.

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